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Account Reporting

At the account level Lancer provides insights around the account and its projects, as well as the collaborations that it is a part of. Information can be found on the homepage, tasks page, and the dashboard.

The Homepage

The homepage provides straightforward metrics that the user would find useful and allows them to easily navigate to their desired destinations based on their current goals. When a user logs in and views the homepage, they will see:

  • Any pending invites
  • Tasks that need to be completed
  • Number of current projects
  • A yearly snapshot with the total hours worked, estimated income, estimated expenses
  • a graphical representation of that data.
The Tasks Page

On the tasks page users can see data about their upcoming tasks across the account and collaborations. When a user comes to the tasks page they will be able to see:

  • The tasks due this week along with the ability to view those tasks.
  • Overdue Tasks along with the ability to view those tasks.
  • All tasks assigned to the account owner and the ability to view those tasks.
The Dashboard

When users view the dashboard two major components display account data to the user: the hours and work log component, and the tasks overview component.

The hours and work log component provides the user with information about the hours worked, estimated income, and estimated expenses over a selected period. Along with the high-level numbers, it also provides a work log of all the hours that were logged over that period along with who completed it, if it’s billable, and the hours worked.

The Tasks Overview component provides insight into the currently active tasks on the accounts projects. Inside this component users can see, over a selected timeframe, the number of tasks that are due, the members who have tasks assigned, the number of tasks they have assigned and have completed, and a complete list of the tasks that are due within that selected timeframe.

Project Reporting

Project reporting is very similar to account reporting, just specific to an individual project. When users view a project that they are a member of they will be able to see a project dashboard as well as a “My Tasks” page each of which provides project-specific information to the user.

The Dashboard

The dashboard component provides an overview of the hours worked, the estimated income, and the estimated expenses for the project over a selected period of time. It also displays a complete work log of the hours logged during the selected time period, including details such as who logged the hours, the tasks that were worked on, their descriptions, whether they were billable, and the total hours worked.

The My Tasks Page

Since there are multiple users who can be a part of the project, the My Tasks page provides insight into the tasks that are specific to the logged-in user. On this page, users can find:

  • Overdue tasks along with links to view those tasks.
  • Tasks due this week along with links to view those tasks
  • All tasks assigned to them along with links to view those tasks.