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Create Customized Projects Easily

At Lancer, we understand that each project is unique. A key feature of Lancer is the ability for users to easily create projects that are tailored to each client. There are several aspects of each project that can be customized.

Billing Types

For each project, users can select from three different billing types: hourly rate, fixed price, and no billing. Each selection determines how estimated income and expenses are calculated, as well as the billing options available when logging time. The billing type can be changed at any time, but worklogs created during a specific billing type will remain unchanged.

Hourly Rate: Selecting an hourly rate enables the dynamic calculation of the rate set for the project and the hours worked for a given period. When logging time for a task, you have the option to select if the hours worked are billable, the number of hours worked, and when they were completed. These values are then used to generate work logs and estimated income and expenses across the application.

Fixed Rate: Choosing a fixed rate adjusts the hour log and calculation of estimated expenses and income to work with that billing type. When logging hours, the billable option is hidden because the hours worked don’t affect the cost, but all other features remain available. If a collaborator submits hours and has a rate associated with them on the project, that value is still used to calculate expenses. The income calculation is based on the price set when creating the project and when the project is completed. The income won’t be added to your estimated income until the project is completed.

No Billing: Selecting no billing allows you and your team members to log hours and view work logs, but no values are added to the estimated income. However, if your team members have a rate associated with them on the project, those values will be reflected in your estimated expenses.