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One of the most powerful features available through Lancer is the ability for users to log and track time. This feature is available to all users and is included for no extra cost. Using this feature, users can, when viewing a task, log the time worked for that task along with some additional details. When logging time users can:

  • Specify the number of hours worked
  • Describe of the hours worked
  • Specify if the hours are billable or not
  • Specify the date that the hours were worked.

Once the hours are submitted, they will be used to calculate different metrics about the account and report. For example, say you have an hourly rate project that bills at $50 an hour, if a collaborator who was given a rate of 30 dollars an hour on your project logs 4 hours of billable work, $200 would be added to your estimated income while $120 would be added to your estimated expenses. 

Hour logs can be edited at any time by the Admin of the account or by whoever logged the hours.