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An important feature that we are hoping to roll out ASAP is invoicing, so our users can send invoices to their clients. As part of this features there are two types of invoicing that we are hoping to create, automated invoicing and manual invoicing.

Automated Invoicing

For the automated invoicing feature we plan to set it up so that users can enable/disable for projects that are set up for hourly billing. When enabled, the user would be able to select if they wanted their invoices to go out every week, two weeks, or month. Additionally, the user would be able to enter an email address that they want the invoice to go out to. Then depending on the time selection than invoice would automatically be generated and sent to the email the user entered.

Manual Invoicing

For manual invoicing the user will be able to enable/disable it for any project, but it can not be used in tandem with automated invoicing. This feature will allow the user to enter an email that they want the invoice to go out to, and then click to create an invoice. When clicked the user can create a invoice to be sent out to the designated email.


To start our invoicing functionality will be integrated with stripe. This will require the user to have a stripe account to create and send invoices. Once the invoices are created they will be able to be managed through your stripe account.