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Simplify what it means to manage your freelance business

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A simplified project management solution for freelancers

Lancer is a freelance management tool built by freelancers, for freelancers. It is being created as a simplified solution to allow freelancers to easily manage their business and keep track of the projects they work on. It was build on the four main pillars of running a successful freelance business: client communication and transparency, managing personal and client projects, tracking income and expenses, and sending invoices.

After research in the industry, and based off personal experience, I have found that independent freelancers don’t use most of the features provided by major players in the project management industry such as Asana, Jira, QuickBooks and Monday. These tools seem to be tailored to solving problems for agencies and larger businesses, greatly scaling costs for additional team members. My goal is to remove the excess features from these tools, and instead keep the features that provide the most value and combine them into one piece of software that allows you to manage your business in one place while also reducing your costs.


Focus on the work that matters

Keep track of all your projects and clients, and manage all the key aspects of your business in one place.

Easily Manage All Your Projects

Find everything you would expect from a project management tool, except it’s tailored to working as a freelancer.

Track Income And Expenses

Sync your bank account and categorize your income and expenses, assigning each to projects and clients.

Create And Send Invoices

Sync your Stripe account and create invoices to send to your customers. You can then view outstanding payments and track statistics over the year.

Manage Your Team And Clients

Create clients and add members as watchers to enhance client transparency. Add additional team members to assign tasks and work on projects.


Leverage Important Data to Boost Growth

Maximize your growth potential by harnessing critical data. Gain valuable insights into account and project metrics, including hours worked, estimated income, and work logs. Identify your most profitable tasks and projects, and optimize the time spent on each for maximum impact.


Shape the Features and Tool Development

Join our Slack community to provide input into the features you’d like to see how how the software will ultimately work.

Select a Billing Type

Please make sure to remember the following information: For each project, you have the option to select whether it is a fixed-price project, hourly, or non-billable. By choosing hourly or fixed price, the values you select will be used to calculate your estimated income for that project.

Automatically Send Project Updates

Opt-in to effortlessly keep your clients in the loop with automatic weekly emails. These detailed messages will showcase the tasks completed, hours logged, and whether they were billable.

Toggle Different Project Features

Customize the project to match your specific requirements by toggling different features on or off. For instance, by activating “epics,” you can create epics within the project and easily assign tasks to them.

Log Hours & Track Income

In each project, users can log time for tasks and designate whether the work is billable. This billable work will then be utilized to calculate your estimated income for hourly projects.

Get the Most Out of Your Projects

Every project is packed with unique features, empowering you to tailor each one to your exact requirements. Easily add diverse team members, establish billing preferences, automate emails, and much more.


Collaborate With Team Members & Clients

Easily add both clients and team members to your account and projects. You can add up to 15 members to an account by default and then add those users to as many projects as you’d like. When adding a user to an account you can specify if they are an admin or a standard user which allows for different levels of account view, and when adding a user to a project you can specify if they are an admin, a collaborator, or a watcher, each which provides different capability for the user when in the project view.



Simplify taxes by tracking your income and expenses throughout the year

Easily sync your bank account and categorize your income and expenses. Each transaction will show up in a pending transaction table. For each transaction you will be able to accept or decline it while assigning it to a customer and a project. Your accepted transactions will then be used to calculate your income and expenses, which you can export for quarterly and yearly reports and taxes.


Create clients, assign them to project, and create invoices to get paid

Sync your stripe account to create invoices and send them to the customers you create. Once an invoice is created you can track it both through your stipe account as well as through Lancer. Easily see metrics your your pending invoices, paid invoices, and your customers throughout the year.